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"Kaleidoscope," Hawai'i Review, November 2017
"Mango Season," Crab Orchard Review, forthcoming June 2017-- recipient of Charles Johnson Fiction Award
"The Squall," Fiction Southeast, June 2017 (The Story Behind the Story is HERE)
"Uprooted," Cuba Counterpoints, November 2016
"Gringa," Kudzu House, August 2016

Creative Nonfiction

"Mangoes," Swamp Ape Review, Spring 2018
"Parenting A Parent," Lenny Letter, July 2018
"IRL," Orion, 2018
"Reader's Write: Odd One Out," The Sun, June 2018
"Seeking Terra Firma," The Rumpus, March 2018
"What Nail-Biting Taught Me About Self-Care," Ravishly, February 2018
"How to Envy," River Teeth, December 2017
"A Guide to Tropical Seed Saving," The Offing, October 2017
"In My Culture, Having A Period is Powerful," Ravishly, September 2017
"An Offering to Yemayá," The Los Angeles Review, No. 21 Summer 2017
"Hollow," Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2017
"Magic City Nocturne,” Slag Glass City, Jan 2017 (and in print!) [Pushcart nomination, 2017]
"What is a Living City and Why Should We Care," Slag Glass City, Dec. 2016
"Holy Calves," Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident, Dec 2016
"How to Catch a Salmon," The Manifest-Station, June 17, 2016
"Matriarchy," Tahoma Literary Review, Spring 2016 (Listen to the audio here)
"Ultreia! Onward!" Graph(feeties), Spring 2016
All I Know,” Spry, Issue 07. April 2015
"The Encyclopedia of my Hair," Thought Catalog, March 2016
"Night Owl," Cleaver Magazine, March 2016
Hair,” The Normal School, February 2016
Reader’s Write: Being Single,” The Sun, January 2016
Jewel Key,” The Toast, December 2015
Lifted,” Lunch Ticket, December 2015 (Watch the video of my live reading)
“I Heart Miami,” Amherst College, Amherst Women’s Network, January 2014
Morning Bread,” New School, The Inquisitive Eater, February 2013
Chicken Kill,” New School, The Inquisitive Eater, December 2012
The Whistle of the Pressure Cooker Brings Me Home,” The Inquisitive Eater, October 2012


Winner of Neat Streets Miami Haiku Project, December 2017
"Tamiami Trail," Zocalo Public Square (w/ accompanying photograph), September 2017
"Live Oaks," "Meditation," and "Dusk," Sandhill Review
"Offering," Obra/Artifact, January 2017 ( Also check out their article: OUTSIDE VOICES: CARMELLA GUIOL & “OYE COMO VA" )
"5 Ways to Get Smart About Freelancing," The Huffington Post, June 3, 2016
"Practicing Patience with Memoir," Tahoma Literary Review, May 31, 2016
"Here's a tip if you want to meet people: cancel your internet connection," The Sydney Morning Herald, May 9, 2016
"I canceled my home Internet--and got more connected to the people around me," The Washington Post, May 5, 2016
"Freedom of the Flip Phone," Amherst College Well Mixed Blog, January 2016
"7 Reasons Why I Keep My Home Wifi-Free," The Huffington Post, Jan 2016

Interviews and Reviews

"Fanmail - Sarah Einstein," Sweet Lit, Issue 9-2
"How One Woman Found Healing Through Writing A Memoir," BUSTAugust 2016
Interview with M.J. FievreBUSTJanuary 2016
Interview with Amaryls Gasser, Saw Palm, November 2015
Interview with Ruth Behar, Saw Palm, November 2015
Interview with Juan Martinez, Saw Palm, October 2015
Interview with Ana Veciana Suarez, Saw Palm, September 2015


"Tamiami Trail," Zocalo Public Square
"Veins," Sandhill Review,  Spring 2017
"Night Walk," Slag Glass City, Jan 2017
"Boneyard," The Sinking City, Issue 1
"Sunk" and "Please," Fourth River's Climate Change issue
Jewel Key,” The Toast, December 2015


Pushcart Prize nomination for "Magic City Nocturne" published in Slag Glass City, 2017
AWP Intro Journals Award, honorable mention, "Agua Infinita," 2017
Crab Orchard Review’s Charles Johnson Fiction Award, "Mango Season," 2016
Anspaugh Fiction Award, "Mango Season," 2016
Florida Literature Photo Essay Contest, Graduate Student Winner 2016