Friday, January 4, 2019

Winter Wonderland at Vermont Studio Center

I had the good fortune to spend the month of December at the Vermont Studio Center, a residency for writers and artists. Every month, a new group of about 50 artists and writers take over the campus and make some incredible art. 

We each have our own bedroom and studio space and we share all of our meals together at the Red Mill. I must say—it felt a bit like being back in college, especially considering my New England alma mater! 

The weather was perfectly wintry, with straight snow the first two weeks. There’s nothing like the silence of snow draping the land. My studio looked out onto the Gihon River so I could watch the chunks of ice float down the river whenever I need inspiration. Certainly a far cry from my tropical world back home!

My studio

View from my studio

I loved getting to know my fellow artists and writers. I connected with several fantastic writers, many of whom are also working on family-related projects. It’s been intriguing getting to know the visual artists and picking their brains about the work they make and the thought process behind it. 

Many times, I feel like they’re speaking a whole different—and fascinating—language. This time has made me connect further with myself as a writer. Not only have I had so much time to devote to my practice and connect with other writers, but being surrounded by visual art and visual artists makes me understand deeply that words are my craft. Still, it has been incredibly inspiring to spend the last month with people who spend their life in the pursuit of truth through art.

I can now say in earnest that I’m working on a memoir. It’s something I’ve never done before and the learning curve is huge, but it feels good to chip away at it every day, learning by way of the process. This experience has been a creative exchange, one that has invigorated me as a writer and an artist.

winter solstice 

Happy New Year!!