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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Nowhere I'd rather be than in my garden!

Hello from humidity-infused South Florida! After several months away from the tropics, I'm always grateful to be back where I belong, even if September feels even hotter than August! My favorite place in Miami is in my childhood backyard where I've been growing a food forest for several years. A food forest mimics the diversity of nature, with each plant playing their own unique role in the ecosystem. Every time I'm home, I tend to my little jungle, battling invasive plants and adding new elements to the mix.

I'd love to share with you some photos of my favorite corner of the city.

Bougainvilleas bloomin'

Papaya tree, tall and strong

Mysore raspberrries

Baby coconut palm surrounded by sweet potato vines

edible hibiscus make a great addition to any salad 
Pineapple coming soon!

tropical Boniato and sweet potatoes cover the ground

tree of life has many medicinal uses

native butterfly pea growing up the ficus

bird of paradise in paradise

fermenting noni fruit

guard kitty

dragon fruit and new raised garden bed

our little piece of paradise

bananas ready to be harvested soon!

native sea grape loving the sun

plumeria blossoms brighten my day

native spotted bee balm flower attracts important pollinators 
succession of pineapples growing poolside

the future lies dormant

but not for long! arugula sprouts pushing through after one day!

sweet potato harvest

locally harvested avocados, ackee, and noni

ackee can only be picked once it opens on the tree

respite in the shade

nightswimming is a daily ritual

look what the cats brought in!

Ficus tree overtaking a coral rock at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden