Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Why We Write

This week has been really hard. My dad's situation still weighs heavy on the family as we try to find a sustainable solution. My living situation has been chaotic and stressful. My career feels stagnant and my work life has been overtaken by other responsibilities. And so, when I opened my email yesterday and found several messages from strangers thanking me for sharing my father's story, it truly lifted my heart.

Writing is a deeply solitary act and sometimes it can be hard to remember why we actually do it. Moments like these remind me: we write to connect. As the incredible comedian Hannah Gadsby says in her new one-woman show, it's important to share our stories. They help us develop a diverse and complex perspective of the world around us--thus cultivating a more compassionate self and society.

I am proud to share my latest essay published in Lenny, a deeply personal account of the journey my family has been on as we navigate the stormy seas of neurological decline.

All my best to you, my lovely readers!