Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fired Up and Ready to Go!

Dear friends, I apologize for my absence. The last few months have been a strange time, and while I may have retreated from my duties as The Restless Writer, I have been doing anything but retreating from the world.

The time when the tides switch is called slack tide, and that’s the best way I can describe the way I felt during the weeks following the election. Stuck in limbo. Unable to move in any direction. Catatonic.

Since the strange period of stasis, my confusion has transformed into a furious energy that I have poured into learning more about the American democratic system, our current political situation, and similar situations throughout history. My passion for justice has taken on a renewed fervor, and I am reminded of the person I was back in high school, protesting the Iraq war and coming face to face with police in full riot gear at an anti-FTAA rally. I am reminded of the many people, including dear friends of mine, who have fought for justice in this country and around the world, because to do nothing is to be complicit in the injustice.

After spending time in quiet shock, I am finding my place in the fight. I am refusing to accept the status quo. I am realizing the depth of my love for this country. I am grateful for our strong democratic system that has not failed us until now, and I pray that it will continue to sustain us.

I try not to give into fear. When I feel afraid, I know that is when I must yell louder, march longer, fight harder. We will not give in to fear, and we will not let down the freedom fighters, abolitionists, suffragettes, indigenous peoples, and the many men and women who have paid for our country’s injustices with their lives. We will not go backwards, and we will not release the reins of this country that we love. We will stay steadfast on our path and remain on the right side of history.

Here is what I’ve been up to lately!

I contributed to this zine, Love for Love Hate for Hate: A Glossary of Our Time, created by my friend, the artist Beverly Acha. Please consider supporting this project. 50% of proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

I marched in and was arrested at a Fight for 15 rally in Tampa where we shut down a McDonald’s.

I joined hundreds of water protectors in peaceful protest at the construction site where they are drilling below the Suwannee River to lay the Sabal Trail pipeline.

I joined 20 thousand women (and men) in peaceful protest in St. Petersburg, FL


I created a poetry chapbook, Offering, and I’m happy to send a copy to anyone who is interested.

*********I became a finalist For Best of 2016 There Will Be Words. You can watch a video of my performance below and PLEASE VOTE HERE!***********

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And remember folks! We are Fired up and Ready to go! 

(An animated video of Obama's speech about the chant)