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Friday, December 5, 2014

Live Birth

My baby was right on time. It came into the world Wednesday around noon. I felt that euphoria that mothers always talk about after they finally get to hold the baby they've been carrying in their belly for nine months. My baby only stayed with me for about four months, but I think I've been holding it inside for much longer.

After my baby came out of the printer for the first time, I held it close to my heart. These after-birth moments are very important in establishing a close connection with your baby. I didn't want to do anything else except look at it, trace the image on the cover, flip through it's pages, and count to see that every toe was in place.

I was so in love, I decided to print out a bunch more of my babies. Why have only one copy when you can have thirty?? Then, my newborn and I had to be separated for a few hours because she needed some extra attention in the binding department. So I dropped off my babies at the copy store, and they promised to take excellent care of them. I kissed them each goodbye and counted the hours until I would get to hold them again.

When I finally had them in my arms a few hours later, they were even better than before! Now they had two spiffy staples in their center that made them look super professional. Now my baby and I were ready to go out into the world. My baby was ready to meet its audience.


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